Beards Fork, West Virginia

Beards Fork is an unincorparted village in Fayette County, West Virginia.  It was founded on the coal mining industry; however, when the mines all closed there was no labor for the residents that had moved there.  Beards Fork suffered severely and still haven’t fully recovered.  However, People from the area have a great love and pride for where they live. The mountains provide a landscape unlike any other place in the world.  Beards Fork is located in the valley of two mountains. The isolation helps build a rich and dynamic culture built on family history and the coal mining industry. The Southern Appalachian Labor School Community Center is the only office of any kind in Beards Fork. There isn’t even a post office!   By visiting such a strikingly different place in the country volunteers are able to expand their horizons and experience a totally new way of life.

SALS was originally built in 1977 to educate workers on labor and union laws. Now the non-profit labor school has expanded to include different programs such as: low income housing projects, weatherization and rehabilitation of homes, three different childrens groupsfood assistance projects, and Youthbuild/Americorps/Americorps VISTA programs.  

We sincerely hope you join us to support the people of Beards Fork and the folks at SALS.


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